OSHA 10 Answers for Construction and General Industry Exam (Updated 2022)


To Help OSHA 10 trainees to pass their pre-test and post-test we have prepared set of 390 question and answers called OSHA 10 Answers in downloadable PDF format. The OSHA 10 Answers question bank is prepared by our in-house highly experienced safety professionals and trainers. The OSHA 10 Answers document consists of 390 MCQ type question and answers updated for year 2022 exams.

OSHA 10 Hour Training is one of the most popular HSE training certificate course in the US. The course is designed for entry level workers working in the construction and other general industries in United States (US). It covers common health and safety hazards at the workplace.

The OSHA 10 Answers document is combination of questions and answers for OSHA 10 Construction and OSHA 10 General Industry qualification. You will find OSHA 10 test answers 100% accurate and most predicted for upcoming OSHA 10 pre-test and OSHA 10 post-tests in year 2022.

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OSHA 10 Questions and Answers

Question 1. Which are the documents required at the construction site?

Answer 1.
1. Injury and Illness Prevention Program document. You may keep this in office
2. Code of Safe Practices
3. All required permits
4. Required certifications
5. Respiratory Protection Guide is required to kept on the sites where respirators are mandatory.
6. Heat illness prevention guide
7. Fall protection plan

Question 2. In which conditions the elevators are required?

Answer 2. For construction of building or structure of 60 feet or more above the ground level or 48 feet below the ground level. The elevators are also required at the demolition sites of 7 or more floors or 72 feet or more in height.

Question 3. List few job sites where hazard warning signs must be placed.

Answer 3.
1. On laser work site
2. Confined space site
3. Where asbestos work is being done
4. At controlled or restricted access zones
5. Where lead is present
6. On cranes, concrete pumps, high-lift trucks, etc.
7. On power tools
8. Air compressors

Question 4. List the incidents / accidents which must be reported to OSHA.

Answer 4.
1. Serious injury or illness
2. Blasting accidents or unusual occurrences
3. Asbestos-related work
4. Annual permit of construction activities
5. Use of regulated carcinogens
6. Construction involving lead-work

Question 5. What are the general safety requirements for operating aerial devices such as cherry pickers and boom trucks?

Answer 5.
1. Only authorized persons should be allowed to operate
2. The aerial devices must not place on any structure
3. Operator must test the Vehicle / Equipment before operating
4. No planks or ladders should be placed on the equipment to gain more heights
5. A fall protection attached with the boom or basket must be worn
6. When the workers are elevated vehicle breaks must be applied
7. The operator must not move the equipment while the workers are on the elevated boom platform

Question 6. What are the safety precautions for Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs)?

Answer 6.
1. The platform deck should be equipped with a guardrail or other structure around its upper periphery
2. The platform shall have toeboards at sides and ends
3. Riding on the EWPs or placing tools, materials, or equipment must not allowed on the moving elevated platform
4. The platform should not be loaded more than it's designed capacity