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Website Redesigning

Oye Trade is offering website redesigning services for the small businesses to large corporate clients across the globe. As a modern business owner, you cannot afford not to have a website, and your website cannot afford to be stagnant for a too long. Revamping a website by redesigning it and adding new web content to it is extremely important for the sustenance and growth of businesses especially for those based on the internet.

Change in Technology

New technology springs up in the constantly evolving virtual world. The number of people accessing the internet is increasing exponentially and the ways in which they access the net is also evolving. This behavior calls for suitable update of web content on your website. It can be difficult to survive in the online world if one fails to keep up with the pace of the evolving technology.

Changing in Psychology

The way people used to think about and react to website around the year 2000 is drastically different than the mindset of internet users of today. The overall change in lifestyle made by modern technology like laptops, tablets, smartphones and social media platforms needs to be taken into consideration when thinking appraising a website. For example the use of introductory pages was popular back then but now people don’t like them. Although such changes are rooted in website design, they inevitably affect the web copy as well.

Change in Business

As time moves forward, so do businesses (hopefully). A company may open up new branches as it expands or a business may offer new products or services that it did not a few years ago. All these changes are important and need to be shared with your target market. By putting in some new web content writing, you can update your website to reflect the changes. As a rule of thumb it’s a good idea to update a website every 2 years. However, small changes may need to be made more frequently depending on the actual change your business goes through.

Change in Interest

It's human nature to be bored by looking at the same thing over and over again. What this means for websites is that the visitors get bored when they see the same information up on the website every time they visit the site. Bored visitors are not your customers, hence you should change your information to keep our visitors from getting bored. When your visitors start losing interest in your website, you will start losing buyers which means losing money - hardly the objective of any business owner.

Change in Visibility

If your website is not getting a top search engine ranking, it may be a sign to revamp your website by adding web content that is search engine optimized. Without the SEO content your website will not be search engine friendly, which means no one will be able to see it. Revamping the website by weaving in SEO copywriting will fix this problem and get you in the eyes of your target market.

Change in Competition

The cut throat competition in the online world is only getting worse with every day, with every website, with every service provider that props up in the virtual world. Regardless of the industry/market/niche your business is toiling in, chances are you have your fair share of competitors and they are doing all they can to beat you. You need to be mindful of the competition e.g. if a competitor has revamped its website, it might be for a good reason that may apply to you as well.

Change in Culture

If your web content contains outdated verbiage, old-fashioned slang or lack the new-fashioned one, your website will reek of the past and people visiting your website will think you are not up to date and make the same conclusion about your products or services.

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Excellent service and support!! Narendra and his team worked hard and honestly to design & develop our website and NEBOSH IGC e-learning.

-Shahid Javed (Managing Director)

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