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Website designing

Oye Trade in the growing website designing company in Delhi, India. Our team of UI developers / Website designers creats beautiful, user centric and robust websites, ecommerce websites, online portals. We design websites adaptive which completely adapts and conforms to the web platform or browser you are viewing the site in. Our website designing team is expert in most of the trending website designing technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap, AngularJs, NodeJs, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Graphic Designing, Photoshop, Ionic framwork etc. We are constantly developing our skills, experience and portfolio of work.

Our approach

Adaptive / Responsive website designing

Essentially, Responsive websites are designed and developed to give online users a much better web experience when viewing a site. It is a kind of one size fits all and is really the way forward when it comes to new web technologies. By designing one website that will adapt to multiple platforms, business owners will see huge benefits in terms of costs savings moving forward. reason being; only 1 site has to be designed rather than multiple sites for an array of varied browsers. Think of desktops, iphones, ipads, androids, galaxy phones, mac v PC screen sizes. The list just goes on and on.

You should really act now and see about how to get an responsive web based solution for your site. As the internet grows, especially the mobile world, you will be left behind by those web savvy companies who have taken up this new technology.

Excellent service and support!! Narendra and his team worked hard and honestly to design & develop our website and NEBOSH IGC e-learning.

-Shahid Javed (Managing Director)

Wanco Services (Saudi Arabia)