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Working at heights training course is 100% online designed and developed by the highly experienced HSE trainers. The working at heights course online is best suitable training course for the people who are required to work at heights.


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This course provides a basic awareness of the risks from working at height, as well as practical ways to prevent falls from height.
The aim of the working at heights training is to provide enough safety information to the people to enable them to plan, manage and execute the work at heights activities safely.

After successful course completion the candidates will be awarded with the course completion certificate which is also said as working at heights card or working at heights ticket.

$100 $43

Why should I have Working at Heights Training?
Our working at heights training makes the people who work at heights, aware of the risks and hazards associated with working at heights activities and also guide them about their legal responsibilities. This certificate course provides enough knowledge to help you become a competent employee to execute the working at heights tasks safely and efficiently.

Working at heights safety training helps you in risk assessment in risk assessment working at height.

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Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, participant should be able to demonstrate understanding of the content through application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations. In particular, they should be able to:

  • Implement strategies to avoid having to work at height if possible
  • Prevent falls from height
  • Minimise the consequences of a fall from height
  • Comply with personal legal duties
  • Select the most appropriate access and working equipment for the task.
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Working at Heights Training syllabus:

  • Introduction to Working at Heights Safety
  • The hierarchy of control measures
  • Selecting the right means of access and work equipment
  • General access scaffolds
  • Guard rails, toe boards and brick guards
  • Tower scaffolds
  • Mobile access equipment
  • Suspended access equipment
  • Safety nets and soft landing systems
  • Rope access techniques
  • Safety harnesses
  • Edge protection
  • Demarcating safe areas
  • Ladders and stepladders
  • Roof work and fragile surfaces
  • Industrial roof work
  • Roof truss installation
  • Steel erection
  • Formwork and reinforced concrete structures
  • Falls due to lifting operations
  • Demolition
  • Falls into Excavations
  • Falls in Confined Spaces
  • Inspections

$100 $43

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$100 $43

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