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Digital Content Development

Our team of digital content development is offering digital content development services from elearning content development to content development for magazines, product documentation content, research report development, training book content development and corporate profile presentation development.

The way learning is delivered to the educational universe has been redefined with the advent of the digital era. Content once delivered through the print medium is now reaching audiences through electronic gadgets computers, tablets, smartphones, and eReaders. As an early mover, Integra has developed a deep understanding of the medium and tailored its world-class services to match every requirement.

The way of learning delivery to the education and training industry has been now redefined with the advent of the digital technology era. Once print media was the only medium to deliver the content is now reaching the targeted audiences through electronic gadgets like computers, smartphones, tablets and digital content reading devices (eReaders). Previously the information was delivered via print and simple digital files, these must now be updated, created, edited, enriched for new formats and devices to reach maximum number of targeted audiences.

Our approach

Our digital content development services are distinctively designed to support end-to-end content requirement cycle of elearning development, digital training material, corporate presentations, product catalogue design and development. Our team of subject matter experts along with technology specialists engage in deciding digital product strategy, content architechure, content design, workflow design, content authoring, editing & development, artwork and graphic design and content enrichment both on print and digital media.

Digital content development services

Even if it is not direct revenue source for your business, but it impact your business.

Oye Trade prepares your content for the goal of your business and customers. Our experienced dedicated team has subject matter expertise, technical knowledge and automation tools to offer best Digital content development services for your business.

  • Storyboarding – Develop instructional design strategy and create story board with appropriate levels of interactivity keeping the end users learning outcomes in mind.
  • Develop content for digital platforms - We publish the content in various formats to make it compatible for every need you require including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Tin Can, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML 5, Executable file (.exe), writable CD presentation.

We came to Oye Trade for its core strength elearning development and digital content development but it was the success of our discussions with Mr. Narendra Singh who convinced us to test their Digital Marketing skills and found his Digital Marketing team really hard working and honest. We are happy to have a healthy business relation with Oye Trade for around 5 years.

Mr. Ajay Prasad (Managing Director) HSEI Dubai, HSEI India