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One of the best Online Examination System and customized Cost Effective Learning Management System (LMS) All in one application for all the training requirements for your institution and organisation. OyeTrade is a leading Online Examination System and LMS provider for various organisations and educational institutes.

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Learning Management System is the concept that allows to identify training and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting. LMSs are focused on online learning delivery but support a range of uses, acting as a platform for online content, including courses, both asynchronous based and synchronous based.

Oye LMS provide the change that has come up in the education in today’s era with the best of the services. Oye LMS is a revolution in the sector, it provides the platform to the student and tutors to have interaction with each other with futuristic technology. The LMS is built on the Moodle platform, leveraging the benefits of best open source LMS. The main aim of the Oye LMS is to have no hurdle and smooth education and to have designed space for all the work of the students, teachers, and parents as well.

One Time Development Cost Only

We do not charge Monthly or per student cost, you need to pay just one time development cost only.

No Maintenance Charges: The Oye LMS - Online Examination System & Learning Management System is so simple and user friendly that you can manage this by your own.

Lifetime Ownership: We'll setup and customize the Oye LMS on your web server, so that you'll have all the ownership rights and administrative controls.

Online Examination System and LMS Features

  • Improvised Question Bank A question bank with almost all the questions that are required by the students to solve their doubts and to complete the study.
  • Unlimited Course and Tests The portal allows the students to have an unlimited number of courses of their choice and they can have “n” number of the test too.
  • Enrol Unlimited Students With no boundaries on the number of enrolment of students, the student can enrol themselves without worrying about the seats getting over.
  • Personalized Dashboard A personalized dashboard allows the students and trainers to have their own space to keep the tab on their completed task and for the remaining one.
  • Modern and Easy Interface Interface designed in a way that .it is easily accessible and can be run either on a computer or on a mobile phone.
  • Convenient File Management The usage of files is as easy as drag and drop, this makes it user-friendly.
  • Variety of Communication Tools A vast range of communication tools like live chat, messages, blogs, news etc. helps to have a smooth communication.
  • Notifications Alert for new assignments, pending works, deadline for the same, messages are on the go.
  • Track Progress It allows the students and trainers to keep the track of their progress respectively on the individual basis as well as course basis.
  • Secure Authentication It has more than 50 option to have authentication and enrolment to add users.
  • Manage User Role and Permission The address security allows to manage the user access and also defines the role.
  • Tracking With many options available with Oye LMS students and trainers can keep the track on their work progress.
  • Online Assessment and Examination With the wide courses it also allows students to take the online examination and then to assess their work.
  • Grading and Marking With a wide range of assessing the marks one can build their book to keep the record of the marks obtained.

Why Oye LMS?

  • Option to create Student, Admin, Trainer account
  • SCORM compatibility
  • Attractive front end design
  • Training to manage/administer the entire package of software platform
  • It allows students to have different quizzes, test, and examination online and saves a lot of manual efforts by both students and trainers.
  • With automatic assessment, there is no chance of mistakes in assessing the progress of students.
  • The advanced option allows to have many attempts of the same test, allows to shuffle the questions, gives the option to give answers of random questions.
  • The password protection allows students to have their personal space and to have access to the portal by them only.
  • A large number of question bank are available to study.
  • Support of the Oye LMS is just a click away 24x7.
  • It helps students by assisting them to conduct and to prepare assignments, test, quizzes etc.
  • With more than 15 types of questions available, the learning is splendid but is easy to use and learn, and being centralized it is simplified also.
  • With the availability of app of the same, it becomes easy to access and allows it to be on the go for students and trainers as well.
  • The highly advanced interface and advanced reporting system remove the doubt form the student about their learning.
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