AngularJs Training

AngularJs training course by Naren

Course duration:
12 hours / 6 Days + 10 Days Project Practical

Oye Trade offers AngularJs Training for IT professionals and IT freshers. This course will teach you about confusing stuff like Data binding, MVC, Routing, ngModel, Directives, Controllers, validation, two way binding and many more topics about which you are always curious to know. You can dig the internet, read multiple books or watch AngularJs tutorial videos but eventually practical experience is needed to build a solid, scalable and a successful project with AngularJs.

The AngularJS is all about the open - source JavaScript framework. This course is designed for the beginners and experienced UI developers before you go ahead with AngularJS, basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript would be an advantage for a better and quick understanding of the topics.

There are other organism of AngularJS -

Single page Application, Directives, Filters and Data Binding, Modules, Routes and Factories. So here finally, you will get knowledge about interacting with servers and third party libraries.

Once you complete this training course, you will have acquired enough knowledge and experience which is required to develop a successful AngularJs project.

Courseware Goals

  • Introduction and history of AngularJs.
  • Why AngularJs.
  • Coding 'Hello World' AngularJs.
  • SPA Single Page Application.
  • AngularJs Bootstrap.
  • Form Validation
  • Server Side Communication
  • Dependency Injection
  • Ajax call
  • JSON

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following areas is required:
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

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